Tsarevna from the Future

7 tsarevnas in Alena Akhmadullina 3D clothes lookbook

Alena Akhmadullina continues to produce regular 3D drops, in which Russian stylistics interacts with virtual reality. In the new lookbook the futuristic digital looks are worn by seven Tsarevnas.

The Snow Queen appears in a dress made of metallic sheen, and Tsarevna Zabava appears in a lavender mini-dress with ruffles on the skirt and sleeves. Vasilisa chooses a body in a milky shade, and we see the Frog Tsarevna in an asymmetrical dress with draperies and straps. Varvara's dynamic image consists of a crop top with voluminous sleeves and shorts, the sophistication of the Swan Tsarevna is emphasized by a transparent dress with voluminous lantern sleeves. And finally, the Firebird chooses a dress with feather-like decorative elements on the sleeves of a fiery color.

With Alena Akhmadullina virtual collections everyone can transform into Tsarevna. You just need to choose a look, send your photo and get a realistic 3D image.

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