AKHMADULLINA 20th Anniversary

In 2021 AKHMADULLINA brand celebrates its 20th anniversary. The event was held online in the form of 3D presentation. The video was presented on the main page of the official website — it was a futuristic art of the future, inspired by Russian culture and traditions.

2021. The megalopolises of the Earth are shrouded in smog, the Sun is an extremely rare phenomenon, and animals, birds and plants moved to protected areas. People colonize other planets in search of alternative habitats, intergalactic flights became a daily reality.

The plot of the show presents the “birth” of a Tsarevna from a desert space filled with sand and clay — the earth is, as if, equipped with “technical capacities” to create sculpture, excluding a person from the process, replacing manual production by machines and algorithms. The image of the princess is inspired by the Dymkovskaya toy: bright colors, exaggerated volumes and complex details. The traditional "mass" release of models, a reference to the most famous stone “terracotta” army in the world, was in the final. "Tsarevnas" become warriors, who keep the Russian code in any scenario of our future.

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