New Middle East collection

AKHMADULLINA presents the third Middle East collection, in which proceeds to explore the traditional Russian techniques combining them with the special stylistics of the Eastern countries. The capsule consists of seven dresses, each is unique in its fabric, silhouette and color.

The main technique that unites all the models is the hand embroidery with pearls — from the smallest ones to the largest baroque. All the patterns are borrowed from the original traditional embroidery and depict birds, horses, human figures. Authentic Russian symbolism has been reinvented from the point of view of AKHMADULLINA aesthetics: for example, the phrase «miracles alive», which is an integral leitmotif of all the brand's collections, has been added to the embroidery with anthropomorphic figures.

For the capsule natural fabrics such as silk, linen with elastane, mixed cotton are used. The colors vary from soft pastels to deep and rich ones: for example, the shade of melted butter or burgundy that emphasizes the natural eastern beauty. Brand’s signature green color is presented in the rich palette of grass, emerald and turquoise shades.

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